Welcome to Research Core "Robotics"


リストマーク Background and Objective of the Research Core

Beginning from industrial application, the robotics technology is now extending its application to wider field such as medicine, welfare, space, outdoor, and domestic. Researchers in Kyushu University have already achieved pioneering works in each application area. However those activities were based on individual and independent academic activities so far. Now, the inauguration of the research core accelerates and activates the research in various applications through the dynamical collaboration among researchers. We particularly promote collaboration with industries, national and international research institutions.

リストマーク Research Activities

The research core is organized by four sub-research-groups having different research topics and approaches. The general meeting of the research core is held regularly to provide the members with opportunity to discuss and to collaborate to overcome common problem of the each research topics.

(1) Medical and Human Care Robotics
The research activity covers applications of the robotics technologies to surgery, training of endoscope operation, surgical navigation, and development of surgical assistance instruments and rehabilitation instrument for safe and reliable medical services.

(2) Network Robotics and Human-Robot Interaction
Robotics research based on the computer science and electrical engineering is performed. New technologies of robotics are developed based on the information technologies using the Internet and RFID tags. Various methodologies for user-friendly interface of robot is being developed for aged people.

(3) Environmental Robotics
Robotics technologies for the environmental survey, recovering and preserving environment, and ecological use of environment are being developed. Examples are robot for removing sea lettuce in tideland to suppress water pollution, robot for mine probing, and high performance windmill control.

(4) Industrial and Service Robotics
To cope with coming retirement of many skilled workers in Japan, replacement of workers by intelligent and dexterous robots is inevitable. Fundamental research on industrial robot is performed through measurement, analysis, and storage of skilled worker's motions.